Mailing Lists

We currently provide two mailing lists dedicated to the OpenStream project:

Topics related to the use of OpenStream are discussed on openstream-users. If you have any question on how to install or use the software or if you would like to suggest new features, this is the right list for you. Development issues, i.e. patches, questions regarding the source code, etc. are discussed on openstream-devel.

Subscribing / unsubscribing

Subscriptions are free and open to anyone who is interested in OpenStream. To subscribe to one of the lists above, you can either send an empty email to (where list-name is openstream-users or openstream-devel) or you can use the web interface at Unsubscribing works similarly, just send an email to or log in to the web interface and unsubscribe.

Writing to a list

Writing to our mailing lists requires prior subscription. Once you have subscribed, you can send mails to (where list-name is openstream-users or openstream-devel). All mail sent to a list is immediately distributed to all subscribers is made available in public archives afterwards (see below). Hence, do not to post any confidential information. Please make also sure that your sender address corresponds to the address that you have used to subscribe, otherwise your mail will not be accepted.


All messages sent to the list can be found in the mailing list archives:

Archives are updated once a day, recent messages might thus not be visible, yet.


If you experience any problem subscribing, unsubscribing or writing to our mailing lists, please contact andi (dot) drebes (at) manchester (dot) ac (dot) uk.